much for a summer vacation!  I took 12 hours of summer school and really didn't have time for much else after I got several jobs dog sitting!  No time, but progress to graduation and money are both excellent things!  I'm back now at school (a junior now!), missing my dolls so much!  I added Molly to my collection for my birthday!  She is such a sweetie, but I am so afraid to mess up her braids.  Let's see, I also added Molly's PJ's and Addy's birthday set to my collection.  The old ice cream maker is wonderful, and I feel like I could make real ice cream in it if I wanted to!  Of course I won't, but it is nice to have authentic looking items, especially since my secret project is finished...

Wait, what?  Yep! It's finished!!!  I went home for Labor Day with the intention of laboring around my house at the beck and call of my mom directing me to help my Dad finish up a few tasks, but she surprised me with forcing me to finish up the project!  It was a long 6 hours, but I finished it!  I didn't have my camera though, so this weekend (as in tomorrow), I will travel back home and get some pictures!  I am so excited and while I miss my dolls, they are probably having a blast on their own :)

I can't wait to show everyone!

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