What started out as a simple display case turned into a four story doll house!  I have been working on the plans and building and painting for the past several months.  This was a birthday present for me from my dad (birthday was in July), but we just finished it last weekend.  He helped me so much!  I am super excited to start taking pictures and setting rooms and adding to my collection.  It is so nice to finally be able to display everything I have :)
Yeah...so much for a summer vacation!  I took 12 hours of summer school and really didn't have time for much else after I got several jobs dog sitting!  No time, but progress to graduation and money are both excellent things!  I'm back now at school (a junior now!), missing my dolls so much!  I added Molly to my collection for my birthday!  She is such a sweetie, but I am so afraid to mess up her braids.  Let's see, I also added Molly's PJ's and Addy's birthday set to my collection.  The old ice cream maker is wonderful, and I feel like I could make real ice cream in it if I wanted to!  Of course I won't, but it is nice to have authentic looking items, especially since my secret project is finished...

Wait, what?  Yep! It's finished!!!  I went home for Labor Day with the intention of laboring around my house at the beck and call of my mom directing me to help my Dad finish up a few tasks, but she surprised me with forcing me to finish up the project!  It was a long 6 hours, but I finished it!  I didn't have my camera though, so this weekend (as in tomorrow), I will travel back home and get some pictures!  I am so excited and while I miss my dolls, they are probably having a blast on their own :)

I can't wait to show everyone!
I've completed my canned goods!  They look adorable and I can't wait to use them in scenes.  But I forgot to take pictures of the completed project before I stashed them away in my closet.  My family recently moved and we are still showing off our house so my room has to be spotless.  That puts a damper on my AG scenes!

I have also been working diligently on my secret project!  That means a lot of painting,  A LOT!  And some more too :)
I am really happy with how it is turning out, but I can tell my dad is ready to be done with it.  I am too, but I just don't have the right colors yet!

While at Lowe's Hardware store looking for paint I could use, I found an adorable AG sized porch swing.  It's technically a bird feeder, but it is adorable!  A few stitches and I can make cushions for 2 dolls to sit comfortably together.  I was going to attempt to make one, but it's at the bottom of my craft list and I would probably never get to it, so for $13, I couldn't say no!
I spent most of this morning working on my secret project.  I won't be revealing what this project is until later, when it begins to take shape.  I am having to rely on my not so reliable father for help in this project as it involves a lot carpentry skills that I do not have.  But I am learning so if I ever decide to do something like this again, I'll be ready.  More to come!

This afternoon was spent watching Doctor Who episodes and working at Vacation Bible School at my church.  I love being there!  Tomorrow I won't be working to much on my canned goods either, as I am going to attempt to learn how to make brotchen, small but delicious German bread rolls.  But who knows....maybe something exciting will happen! :)
Kailey went to the beach and had a camp out!  Watch out for the cooler I made myself (with directions from AG's DIY Doll Travel book)!
I got my paint and brush and went to it!  All 24 wood pieces that I'll be using for dolly sized canned goods are painted!  I only did the tops and bottoms of 16 because I have labels for those.  The last 8 I painted fully so that regardless of what I decide to do with them, they'll be ready.  I have some "Cola" stickers from the AG Do-It-Yourself book "Doll Travel."  If you are not familiar with the the DIY books by AG, you are missing out.  Not only has my craft supplies stock been utilized, I also get some great dolly sized items you would never think about!  For example, I just made the doll sized cooler (those big blue chunky things you see on the beach).  It was a perfect addition to Kailey's beach camp out!  I'll be adding pictures of Kailey's summer fun soon! :)
The next step for my cans is to decoupage the labels on!  They are so close to being finished.

I've been trying to think of how I want to change this website around now that I have finally moved into my new house.  I am currently experiencing a surge of craftiness too, so I think I'm just going to write about whatever thing I do related to American Girl each day.

Today, well, I won't be doing much because I am helping to decorate my church for Vacation Bible School!  But last night, I started on this really cool project:  canned food for dolls!

I am following the instructions posted on the Pieces for Reese blog.  I really like this site because it shows you how to make furniture for your lovely ladies.  You can find the instructions for this project here:  http://piecesforreese.blogspot.com/2011/03/18-doll-grocery-store-or-bakery-canned.html

I cut a dowel rod I had on hand last night and sanded the edges.  I printed and cut out canned good labels.  Now I'm heading to the store to pick up VBS supplies and gray paint for the cans!

I can't wait to see how it turns out!
Well, darn, maybe I can write more than one blog post in a month! :)

I'm being silly of course, but I just had to let you know!  If you haven't heard by now, Cecile and Marie Grace's entire collection is on sale....with an unprecedented 25% off!  I really wasn't planning on adding Cecile and Marie Grace to my doll family for many years, but the deal was just a little too good to pass up.  So, I bought Cecile and Marie Grace Best Friends Collection and Cecile's parlor desk.  I am super excited!  And since the only thing I asked for Christmas was Kanani, I will be getting three dolls this year!  

Honestly, I wated to get back into AG collecting slowly, but opportunities presented themselves.  I also found Josefina's night side table and night shift in a lot that was really reasonable on ebay, so I bought those as well.  I have never spent this much on AG stuff in one year and it's really exciting for me! 

P.S.  My parents will be moving into their dream house by the end of the year.  This house includes a room for me, but since I'm at college, I can do whatever I want to with it.  Think:  Doll house :)
So, I have learned that I cannot keep up a blog.  However, I am going to try a once a month thing.  I wanted to post today to let you know I have just added a new page to the website, "Crafts and Special Activities!"  This is where you get to see what my dolls like to do in their free time.  The first slideshow I posted was of Kirsten, Josefina, and Elizabeth having a sewing day!  I expect to add dance concerts, piano lessons, and outdoor adventures to this section.  

I am also excited about my recent purchase from AG.com!  And recent means about 1 hour ago, so my goodies will be here sometime this week.  I got Kit's table and chairs (one of the spot light savings of the week), Kit's sailor pajamas, Kit's nighttime necessities, and Addy's lace up boots.  

The next time I'm going home will probably be Thanksgiving break, so I will try to set up my display area for something special!  Christmas is my favorite holiday and it's right around the corner!
So I have decided to join the blogging world!  Whether anyone reads this or not, I don't really care, but it's nice to have this.  So a little back ground on me.  I am in college and my girls/dolls are an hour away from me.  It gets really depressing sometimes knowing that I could be at home changing their hair or clothes, or even coming up with a whole knew display area, but having to work on biology, physics and differential equations is a must right now.  This website also makes me a little sad because I really want to fill up the pages with pictures and use my new camera and tripod, but my roommate would probably not like our room to be overtaken by dolls :)  

To keep my American Girl sanity, I read other people's blogs, like Doll Diaries, and keep up with the AG Play things message board.  I also have the latest catalog hidden between by books!  I am so excited about the new catalog coming out.  The Christmas wish book is always my favorite!  I found the e-version on the AG website and looked at every picture, but it just doesn't beat glossy magazine pages.  I love Halloween, but AG.com is really making me want it to be Christmas right now!!!  I think mom is getting my Kanani :)

I have been trying to convince myself all this year that I really want to focus on the historical dolls and finishing their collections, but I just can't help myself, Kanani is gorgeous!  Her hair is so long and her green eyes are beautiful.  While I do want to finish my historical dolls collection, Kanani will have to come first this year.  Maybe next year, but I heard a rumor that there was going to be a new historical!  (Which quite frankly doesn't make since if they are going to introduce a new historical right after introducing Cecil and Marie-Grace, but I can't complain too much!)

Well, I should be getting ready for class now.  Thanks for reading! :)