So I have decided to join the blogging world!  Whether anyone reads this or not, I don't really care, but it's nice to have this.  So a little back ground on me.  I am in college and my girls/dolls are an hour away from me.  It gets really depressing sometimes knowing that I could be at home changing their hair or clothes, or even coming up with a whole knew display area, but having to work on biology, physics and differential equations is a must right now.  This website also makes me a little sad because I really want to fill up the pages with pictures and use my new camera and tripod, but my roommate would probably not like our room to be overtaken by dolls :)  

To keep my American Girl sanity, I read other people's blogs, like Doll Diaries, and keep up with the AG Play things message board.  I also have the latest catalog hidden between by books!  I am so excited about the new catalog coming out.  The Christmas wish book is always my favorite!  I found the e-version on the AG website and looked at every picture, but it just doesn't beat glossy magazine pages.  I love Halloween, but is really making me want it to be Christmas right now!!!  I think mom is getting my Kanani :)

I have been trying to convince myself all this year that I really want to focus on the historical dolls and finishing their collections, but I just can't help myself, Kanani is gorgeous!  Her hair is so long and her green eyes are beautiful.  While I do want to finish my historical dolls collection, Kanani will have to come first this year.  Maybe next year, but I heard a rumor that there was going to be a new historical!  (Which quite frankly doesn't make since if they are going to introduce a new historical right after introducing Cecil and Marie-Grace, but I can't complain too much!)

Well, I should be getting ready for class now.  Thanks for reading! :)

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