I got my paint and brush and went to it!  All 24 wood pieces that I'll be using for dolly sized canned goods are painted!  I only did the tops and bottoms of 16 because I have labels for those.  The last 8 I painted fully so that regardless of what I decide to do with them, they'll be ready.  I have some "Cola" stickers from the AG Do-It-Yourself book "Doll Travel."  If you are not familiar with the the DIY books by AG, you are missing out.  Not only has my craft supplies stock been utilized, I also get some great dolly sized items you would never think about!  For example, I just made the doll sized cooler (those big blue chunky things you see on the beach).  It was a perfect addition to Kailey's beach camp out!  I'll be adding pictures of Kailey's summer fun soon! :)
The next step for my cans is to decoupage the labels on!  They are so close to being finished.


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